A place for lovewriting in the English language.


What married couple doesn’t need a little something to spice things up from time to time? People fall in and out of love with each other every day; when falling out, the trick is fall back in again quickly. Hopefully, these writings will help couples do that.

From time to time, we’ll provide links to other sites and references to more classic literature, as we deem appropriate. This site is just getting started, so please bear with us.

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A brief disclaimer: This site contains writings of an explicit nature, not suitable for younger audiences or perhaps even for those with more traditional tastes. Please browse accordingly.

If you would like to visit a less explicit version, perhaps Free Romantic Prose would be more to your liking.

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  1. Steve nelson

    How do I post some excerpts from my book TOMORROW’S WORLD at this site. I can’t see any button to post anything with.
    Steve nelson stevelogicstupiddoes@yahoo.com

  2. Sorry (again) for the late reply…

    I’ll upgrade your privs to allow posting. Stand by…

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